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And Then There Were None 2017 (2017)

Watch And Then There Were None 2017 (2017) full movies online gogomovies.
Synopsis: Amy agreed to come on a weekend trip to Las Vegas with her friend Wayne not knowing he had a crush on her and because her father thought it a good idea that she experience some life. The weekend turns horrible as she learns that everyone else on the trip is part of a crime crew of prostitutes, thieves and con artists led by good looking but angry Paul who is a hustler and a bully. Paul harasses Amy the entire weekend because her father didn’t raise a criminal. On the way back to Los Angeles amidst drinking games and sexual encounters, they stop at the abandoned Rock-a-Hoola water park and people start getting abducted by Kapma (translated to Karma), the killer, who saw his father and sister being killed by a rogue paramilitary unit back in the Middle East when Karma was little. Karma and his mother hate America but his mother’s strong maternal instincts makes her want to protect Amy if Amy is willing to have another grandchild for her. Mother has one grandchild from a previous victim….
Director: Jantonio Turner
Writer: Jantonio Turner
Stars: James Balsamo, Jake Bittan, Reed Bowman

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