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Evil Ed (1995)

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Synopsis: Eddie Tor Swenson is a mild-mannered film editor with a wife, child, and a comfortable job editing art and drama films for a major studio. Following the suicide of their editor, heartless studio exec Sam Campbell transfers Ed to his department, the Splatter & Gore Department, to finish what the original editor was doing: editing the highly profitable but extremely violent Loose Limbs series of slashers. Sam allows Ed the use of his secluded country cottage so Ed can go about his work undisturbed, or so he thinks. The seclusion and the constant exposure to the violent nature and content of the films he’s editing start to drive Ed insane. What begins as hallucinations leads to Ed’s darker, murderous side emerging, and it puts the lives of everyone around him in danger: whether it be the film-buff studio warehouse man, or even Ed’s family…
Director: Anders Jacobsson
Writers: Anders Jacobsson (screenplay), Göran Lundström (screenplay) | 4 more credits »
Stars: Michael Kallaanvaara, Olof Rhodin, Hans Wilhelmsson

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